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Eventually giving in, he stays with them to discover that Earth is more unlucky than Planet Vegeta.

Impatiently waiting for his son's arrival, Bardock has to survive a new life with his estranged family and a certain girl set on finding the truth.

(Thiefshipping, Bakura/Malik, very slight swearing)"Karena mencintai Akashi Seijuurou, bukanlah hal yang memalukan bagiku.".

Kuroko Tetsuya, 22 tahun, artis terkenal yang sedang dalam skandal besar karena orientasinya yang menyimpang. #AKAKUROXYGENCHL02Bardock's curse sends him to a mysterious place where weaklings are abundant and an odd trio claim to be his family.

Funny, dark, romantic, adventurous, mysterious, and more!

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What is so important for the Phantom to go and search for the Emperor on this holiday?Goku's introduction to the planetary trade sparked a change as the third class Saiyan's presence stirred up trouble the Saiyans, Frieza and his men didn't see coming, leading to a much different Dragon Ball story. Tokyo's largest street gangs, the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi, were at constant odds. The same was meant to be true for their youngest members – Sakata Kagura and Okita Sougo. Slight AU, One Shot, Oki Kagu, T for language"What are you doing?