Ex boyfriend dating someone new

01-Sep-2017 15:43

#5 He gets annoyed when he hears that she’s dating someone new. If he’s truly happy with you and has overpowered any strings of residual love, he shouldn’t be bothered if she dates someone else.

[Read: 12 signs he really is the one for you] #6 He’s her Man Friday.

Does he hold something of hers or droolingly stare at her facebook page when he thinks you’ve left the room? Seriously, which guy in his right mind keeps his ex’s old texts stored in his phone?

A boyfriend who still holds a stuffed toy given by his ex while lying in bed is never good news for a new lover.

Does your boyfriend have all her gifts placed neatly around the house? And wait a minute, is that her toothbrush near his sink?

Does he love you or is he still in love with his ex?

Are you just a rebound or are you someone he truly loves?

He may not have broken up yet, and he even though he’s told you that he’s ended the relationship, he may still keep in touch with her. But if he has a few images hidden around the house *hidden, but easily accessible*, then he’s definitely taking a good look at his ex while you’re all alone in the shower.