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When actual children are born, the dog is not displaced but rather remains as the most important member of the household.

This is because of the fact that white children will eventually hate their parents, but dogs will love anyone who feeds them.

They are responsible for more than half of dog-related fatalities in the U.

It is also a proven fact, that dogs are often used by white people to attract members of the opposite sex.Under no circumstance EVER should you say anything that is derogatory towards dogs, critical of spoiling dogs, or that they are not full members of society who deserve the same rights as humans.Doing any of these three things will completely destroy all relationships you might have had with a white person.No family and few close friends remained for the deathwatch, but the ghosts must have gathered in gory numbers to claim their own.

Men long drowned or wasted of bloody flux off some distant shore or smashed by cannon shot on a heaving deck—those wracked shades would have waited for the woman they had served in life.

But with their ferocious bite and horrendous strength, they are potentially a danger to strangers. Dogs of this breed should be watched carefully with other small pets and young children in the home. Wolf Hybrid Weight: 70-130 lbs; Height: 25-33 inches; Life span: 12-15 years As the name suggests, half of this dog breed is wolf. Husky Weight: 35-66 lbs; Height: 20-24 inches; Life span: 12-15 years Huskies are primarily known as sled dogs.