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Arthur Sido (the voice of one crying out in suburbia…): Too Hot to Handle Ben Shapiro: In the Dark About Jesus Christ Carla Rolfe (Reflections of the Times): Calvinism with a Feminine Touch Carla’s Blog Posting #2 Compassion for Sin Destroys Deborah (Discerning the World): These Blog Wars are public correspondences for a very good reason.

While the children of darkness love to trumpet their goodness before men, they hate to have their sins and evil ways exposed publicly.

P.: Making Friends with the World: Another Gospel that Preserves the Flesh Müller, George: Segment in “A Cloud Without Water” Munroe, Myles: The Most Subtle of Beasts Muoka, Lazarus: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Murdock, Mike: Mammon Merchandising Maestro Murray, Andrew: Christlike Anti Christ Murray, Arnold: A Doctorate without THE Doctor Nee, Watchman: Playing God Instead of Trusting Him Nehale, Victoria: About Victoria Nehale’s Account Nelson, Scott: Pitting Paul Against Jesus Nelson, Tommy: Young Guns or Cannon Fodder?

Olukoya, Daniel: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Oritsejafor, Ayo: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Osteen, Joel: Everybody’s Friendly Enemy Owuor, David: Another Self-Exposed Fraud Owuor’s Apologist Annihilated Baal’s Bullhorn Is Silenced You Know Not What You Post Oyakhilome, Chris: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Oyedepo, David: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Pack, David: Another Splinter from a Rotten Tree Palau, Luis: Segment in “An Okay Christ” Pearson, Carlton: Addicted to Show Biz Peters, Ken: A Fantastic Dream Pink, Arthur: Dead in His Theory Piper, John: Piping a Most Hideous Melody Poonen, Zac: Mystery Babylon’s Gold Standard Pope John Paul II: Love, Hate; And Where Is “John Paul ll”?

Duplantis, Jesse: Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind. But they are lies people love to hear about God, so they stand in line to pay for deception from a man who is simply “jess duplicitous.”" href="false-teachers/jesse-duplantis.htm"My God Is a Sugar Daddy Eby, J.

Preston: The Necessity for Both Law and Grace Eckhardt, John: Powered by Satan Edwards, Harry: Making Friends with the World: Another Gospel that Preserves the Flesh Ehrman, Bart: Throwing Away the Bible Federow, Stuart: What True Jews Believe Ferriol, Arsenio: Watching in Vain Fields, Roy: The Bottom of the Barrel: A Motley Crew of Demonic Mockers Fish, Darwin: Must Everything Be Spelled Out in the Bible?

” Len’s Lackey, the Whacky Guru Len’s Levitical Priestess Lashes Out Lying Len Lip-Tripped A Preacher of Perverse Love She Doesn’t Appreciate Our Approach The Thief Comes to Destroy, Period Houdmann, S.

The Lord comes as a thief, at a time when you least expect." href="blog-wars/not-done-in-a-corner.htm"Not Done in a Corner The Fighting Fundamental Forums: Religion Sucking Out the Brains of Grown Men Francis Murphy (building missional churches in 21st century): Desiring a Murderer Getty Images: Extortionists Prowling the Net Lee Shelton IV (The Contemporary Calvinist): Making Sport of Holy Things Lisa Nunley (Deo Volente): Flushing Out a Snake Mike Ratliff (Possessing the Treasure): Unmasking the Murderer’s Disciple Ryan Sanders (Otter Fodder): Imperfection Tries to Argue Against Perfection Ryan’s Blog Posting #2 Tentmaker Forum: Kicked Out of the Tent Further Correspondence with Nathan Letter to Scott Sara’s Replies on Tentmaker Tom Burgee (Just Truth): The Wisdom of God Trumps Trinitarian Tricksterism Abrahams, Sondra: Another False Afterlife Story Adeboye, Enoch: False Teachers in Nigeria, Too Aïvanhov, Omraam Mikhaël: Man Mistakes Himself for God Akintunde, Yinka: Satan’s MO – The Master of Misdirection Albiston, John: Judgment Day Always Comes Allen, A. Alley, John: Spiritual Mugging in a Dark Alley Amirault, Gary: A Public Promoter of Falsehood Confronted Publicly Kicked Out of the Tent We Are Here to Tell You Appel, Gene: Hot Tub to Hell Ardagh, Arjuna: The Lord Jesus Christ – The Only True Enlightenment Translucence No Life Without the Essence Selfishness Exposes False Love Letter from Paul Foster Arguinzoni, Sonny: Sonny Instead of the Son Armstrong, Herbert W.: Ronald Weinland – Son of Armstrong: The Fruit Does Not Fall Far from the Tree Arnecillo, Fidel Jr.: Making Friends with the World: Another Gospel that Preserves the Flesh Arnott, John & Carol: The Bottom of the Barrel: A Motley Crew of Demonic Mockers Austin-Sparks, Theodore: Religious Claptrap and Confusion Bacchiocchi, Samuele: A Spiritual Post Mortem Barrett, Kevin: “Hear His [Kevin’s] Heart” Baxter, Mary: Debunked: An Outstanding Illustration of Orthodox Christianity’s Most Blasphemous Doctrine Beeson, Willie: Making Friends with the World: Another Gospel that Preserves the Flesh Begg, Alistair: Selling Snake Oil Bent, Wayne: Travesser the Transgressor Bentley, Todd: The Bottom of the Barrel: A Motley Crew of Demonic Mockers Berrigan, Daniel: Who Are the Peacemakers?

Bevere, John: “The Bait of Satan” Bilezikian, Gilbert: Dr.

Darwin Fish Exposed…Again Fox, George: “Take Heed that the Light in You Isn’t Darkness” Geisler, Dave: Making Friends with the World: Another Gospel that Preserves the Flesh Gershon (Gerstmann), Otto: A Matter of Motive His Words Were Smoother Than Butter Gilchrist, Rodney: Partying “Down Under,” Mega Church Style Gimenez, Anne: Self Promoters Not God Promoters Glover, Charlene: The Trumpet of a Strumpet Graham, Billy: How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham Billy Graham – The Fast Fading Façade Our conversations with those who honor and defend Billy Graham: An Advocate for Billy Graham: Passion Without Truth Dividing the Wheat from the Chaff The False and Misleading Gospel of “Accepting” Jesus Christ No Place to Hide Receiving the Spirit of God – Not a Salvation Issue?

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The Ways of False Religious Love: Spearing a Slithering Snake The Whole Picture: We Answer an Apologist for Counterfeit Christianity Gray, Daryl & Natalia: Putting Away Jezebel (and her partners in crime) Maria’s Writing in Response to Paul Groeschel, Craig: The Prettified Gates of Hell Grubb, Norman: “An Okay Christ” Gruver, Henry: Utter Confidence in the Flesh Hagee, John: Friend or Enemy of Israel and the Jews?Is this not a petty matter, of no great significance to the world?