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In December 1864, a large swath of the state from Atlanta to Savannah was destroyed during General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea.

18,253 Georgian soldiers died in service, roughly one of every five who served.

Hikers can still see remnants of the 1970 stunt, such as a large metal platform used to support the cable that was used.

the Province of Georgia covered the area from South Carolina down to Spanish Florida and New France along Louisiana (New France), also bordering to the west towards the Mississippi River.

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Family business: In this July 18, 1970 photo, Karl Wallenda walks across the cable above the nearly 1,000-foot deep Tallulah Gorge in Tallulah Falls, Ga., which his great-grandson, Nik Wallenda, now wants to cross as well Wallenda is a seventh generation member of a dynasty of circus aerialists known since the 20s as The Flying Wallendas.

Georgia is bordered to the south by Florida, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina, to the west by Alabama, and to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina.